Please be advised that the prices set out here are a guide only and will vary according to each gown. We therefore advise that you bring in your gown for a more accurate quote.


Shorten straight plain dress with lining: from £65-80

Shorten full plain hems: from £90-120

Extra layer of netting: £30

Shorten (front only): from £60-80

Please note: price of hem depends largely on the number of layers, the size of the skirt, and the amount of lace and beading involved.


Shorten plain sleeves: from £40

Shorten detailed sleeves: from £60

Side seams

Take in waist to hips (x2 plain): from £50

Take in waist to hem (x2 plain): from £85


Take in 2 plain seams with lining: from £50-60

Take in 2 seams with boning: from £105

Take in 2 seams with beading and boning*: from £150-200

Take in centre back with zip (plain fabric): from £85-95

Boned bust seams: from £80-90

* Subject to increase if beading is very elaborate.


Lift shoulders: from £40-50

Shorten straps: from £40

Apply lingerie clips: from £25

Insert new zip: from £40-50


Hook & eye: from £15

Apply bustle loop: from £25

Insert bust cups: from £35

Apply bust cups (lined): from £45